10 Flattering Haircuts for Square Faces

1. Long And Layered

A long, layered cut is a classic choice for square facial shapes because it provides movement while concentrating.

2. A Long Lob

A lob, which is similar to a bob but more angular and sleek, is also a good choice because.

3. A Side-parted Lob

Once you have a lob, you can always separate your hair to one side, which drastically alters your appearance. 

4. Side-swept Bangs

If a person with a square face is considering bangs, I recommend a long side-swept bang with a shallow side part.

5. A Soft Bob

Natalie has the ends of her hair trimmed just a few inches below her jawline and paired with tousled waves to soften any angular features.

6. A Sharp Bob

That his favorite haircut for a square face is a pointed, angled bob that ends about an inch below the jawline.

7. A Slightly Longer Bob

Similar concept, but slightly longer so that the ends reach the sweet spot between your jawline and the tops of your collarbones.

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