10 States That Consume The Most Alcohol Per Capita

In Florida, there are a lot of major problems with drug abuse, but drinking too much alcohol is still a big problem there.

1. Florida

The Pine Tree State is known for its coffee-flavored brandy, but it also has more than 90 breweries. Portland is a major city in the American craft beer business. 

2. Maine

People think of Alaska as a state where people drink a lot and don't care much about food. 

3. Alaska

According to new figures from the CDC, over 1,100 Minnesotans died in 2021 because they drank too much. It's more than murder and death put together. 

4. Minnesota

About 19.7% of people in Rhode Island say they drink too much at least once a month. 

5. Rhode Island

Even though a lot of people drink alcohol in Oregon, the state has a long history of rules that control the sale and use of alcohol, including some long periods when it wasn't legal. 

6. Oregon

Mo. is a big place for making beer, and its alcohol rules are some of the laxest in the U.S. 

7. Missouri

A new study from Boston University researchers shows that alcohol drinking costs Massachusetts at least $5.6 billion a year and makes thousands of people sick and kills them. 

8. Massachusetts

In New Orleans in the 1800s, someone came up with the idea for the Sazerac, a famous drink that is a local take on the cognac or whiskey cocktail. 

9. Louisiana

Too much drinking during the COVID-19 pandemic caused so many more deaths from alcoholic liver disease that it killed more Californians than car crashes or breast cancer. 

10. California

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