10 States With The Most Alcohol Per Capita

New Hampshire has a pretty high rate of alcohol sales per person, in part because the state runs its own liquor shops.

1. New Hampshire

Delaware might not be the first state that comes to mind when you think of states that are known for making a lot of booze. 

2. Delaware

The people who live in the District of Columbia drink the most wine in the United States—1.07 gallons of ethanol per person—in the form of wine. 

3. District of Columbia

Nevada has some of the loosest alcohol rules in the U.S. Because of this, a lot of alcohol brands, wholesalers, and suppliers use the Silver State to start and grow their businesses.

4. Nevada

Montana's breweries make a wide range of high-quality alcoholic drinks. There is a booze for everyone, from huckleberry gins to Montana moonshine to vodka with bacon scent. 

5. Montana

North Dakotans drink a lot of beer. In 2021, the state drank almost 20.9 million gallons of the alcoholic beverage. 

6. North Dakota

Wisconsin has one of the lowest tax rates on alcohol in the country, which means that both retail and wholesale prices are cheaper.

7. Wisconsin 

Vermont has a thriving spirits business that makes a lot of different drinks, from gin and rye whiskey to vodka and maple liqueurs. 

8. Vermont

It is one of the states with the most craft breweries. There are 440 brewers in the Centennial State. 

9. Colorado

Wyoming is well-known for both its moonshine and its beautiful scenery, especially Yellowstone Park. 

10. Wyoming

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