3 Atlanta Braves who could follow Ron Washington to the Angels

The Atlanta Braves face a coaching challenge as Ron Washington, their third-base coach, departs for a managerial role with the Anaheim Angels.

Ron Washington brings significant experience, having led the Texas Rangers to two pennants and contributing to the Braves' strong team culture.

Eddie Rosario, a free agent after the Braves declined his $9 million option, may follow Washington to the Angels, providing valuable experience and contributing to the team's culture.

Vaughn Grissom, with a strong relationship with Washington, could be a trade candidate for the Angels, offering potential and benefiting from consistent opportunities.

The Braves recently extended Travis d'Arnaud's contract through the next season. 

Although d'Arnaud is a valuable player, the Braves might consider trading him if the Angels offer real MLB talent in return, presenting an opportunity for the Angels to strengthen their roster.

Acquiring d'Arnaud could break up the duo of d'Arnaud and Sean Murphy, currently considered one of the best catching pairs in the sport.

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