3 Reasons The Steelers Future Is Bright And Fans Should Still Be Optimistic About 2023

The Pittsburgh Steelers are having a much better season in 2023 compared to the previous year, bringing renewed hope to fans.

TJ Watt's return to the team has been a significant factor in the Steelers' improved performance, playing in all eight games of the season.

Long has set a new record by hitting 60 consecutive fairways, surpassing the previous PGA Tour record of 59 held by Mark Claar.

The impressive streak began during the final round of the Shriners Children’s Open, showcasing Long's consistent accuracy off the tee.

Despite the team's success, Coach Mike Tomlin is facing increased scrutiny locally for retaining coach Matt Canada, with national recognition for turning the team's fortunes around.

Critics argue that the coaching staff, including Tomlin, may be hindering the growth of young players, challenging the perception of the team's miraculous turnaround.

Quarterback Kenny Pickett's record of 12-5 since last season is highlighted, despite challenges such as injuries, emphasizing his clutch performance and ability to avoid turnovers.

 Star wide receiver George Pickens, considered one of the NFL's most talented, is visibly frustrated with the team's current strategy and utilization, sparking concerns among fans.

There is a looming inevitability that changes in the coaching staff are imminent, raising questions about the team's direction and potential improvements for the 2024 season.

The Steelers face pressure to perform at their best with a talented roster, with fans hoping for a balance between loyalty to coaches and the need for positive results in the modern era of the NFL.

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