3 Zodiacs Set to Change Their Love Lives

Expect drama, good or bad. Full moon will be hot-headed, intense, and passionate. 


It can lead to a new beginning in a relationship, meeting someone new, or reconnecting with someone from the past. 

Recall themes and people from the spring when two new moons in Aries happened close together.

Aries, you enjoy having someone to join you on your adventures despite your independent nature.


Get ready for a fiery relationship sector with the upcoming solar eclipse in Libra.

This eclipse can help you have a difficult conversation with your partner about getting more serious or ending the relationship. 

In spooky season, Scorpio will experience a significant change in a relationship that has had its ups and downs for the past two years.


Taurus lunar eclipse on October 28th brings closure to your love and marriage. 

 If your relationship is failing, you will have to confront it directly. If it has survived, you and your partner are committed for the long term.

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