3 Zodiacs Who Always Have Their Guard Up

Cancers are very sensitive and emotional people. As a result of their normal desire to keep themselves safe from harm, they often keep their guard up.

1. Cancer

They often think too much about things because they are afraid of being rejected or betrayed, and they may put up mental walls to protect themselves.

Their goal is to keep their hearts safe, but this can sometimes stop them from making new friends or seeking relationships.

Virgos are known for being very careful and having analytical minds. 

2. Virgo

This can help them, but it can also make them think too much about people and events, which can make them think the worst. 

People born under the sign of Virgo may be on guard because they are afraid of being let down or being imperfect. 

Scorpios are often thought of as mysterious and intuitive. 

3. Scorpio

They can read people and events very well, but because they are so intense and passionate, they may be afraid of getting hurt.

Scorpios often keep their guard up to keep their feelings safe because they don't want to be weak and get ripped off.

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