4 Cute Zodiac Signs That Are Toxic

The Twins excel at the Good Charm/Bad Charm game. 

1. Gemini

They want to make an impact, whether through a lipstick print or a black eye, as long as they leave a mark. 

They can attack from the front or the back. Their smile can turn into the Joker's deadly glare before you know it.

Leo is the most charming sign. Leo is a lucky sign ruled by the sun and represented by the Lion.

2. Leo

The big cat outshines all other signs in the room. Crab scuttles away. Goat hides. 

Ram knows Lion is stronger. Leos have a big ego due to their charm. Things can turn dark when they demand excessive attention.

To win a man's heart, learn to cook. To make someone fall in love, be a skilled sensualist.

3. Scorpio

Scorpio's seductive powers shine in the bedroom. Knowing what makes you tick can be used against you.

Pisces charm is different from Leo or Scorpio. They may not be as flashy, but they come across as empathetic and sensitive.

4. Pisces 

The Fish understands your emotions and provides empathy and sensitivity. 

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