4 Zodiacs Who Won’t Put Up With Your Mind Games

Happy, playful, and fun individuals frequently forget that Sagittarius is known for their temper, even if they look like happy individuals. 

1. Sagittarius

The Zodiac's lovers and combatants are staunch archers who know how to hit their target.

Their cutting comments will strike at the narcissist's deepest fears and weaknesses, silence them during arguments they start.

Sneaky Scorpios love winning cat-and-mouse games when no one knows who is the predator.

2. Scorpio

They don't mind playing dumb if they suspect a manipulation. Scorpios are wolves in plain sight.

Magnificent Leo roars back and has too much pride to succumb to a degrading narcissist who questions their worth. 

3. Leo

They feel competitive with narcissists and would do anything to make sure they leave with a shattered ego.

Leos will seize the narcissist's spotlight and prove themselves the best at attention-seeking.

The delicate and mild Libra, who promotes equality and fairness, may be the most surprise on this list.

4. Libra

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