Aaron Rodgers tells rival he’ll be back within ‘weeks’ as miraculous Jets recovery continues

Aaron Rodgers is dropping hints about returning to football this season.

During a New York Jets game against the Los Angeles Chargers, Rodgers stole the spotlight.

Video footage captured Rodgers telling Derwin James of the Chargers that he might return sooner than expected.

Rodgers' statement might have been a joke or a hint at a comeback, considering the NFL's close watch on him.

Rodgers is known for going against the norm and could prove doubters wrong by recovering from an Achilles injury at 39.

He impressed onlookers with his brisk walking pace and precise throws during a pregame session.

Rodgers has been teasing a comeback in the 2023 season, even though he played only four plays before getting injured.

He was expected to lead the Jets to a Super Bowl, but their record stands at 4-4.

The Jets' current quarterback, Zach Wilson, struggled in the game, fumbling three times and not throwing any touchdowns.

Despite Wilson's efforts, the Chargers led 17-3 at halftime, and the Jets couldn't mount a comeback.

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