After ten games, we rate Minnesota's 2023 draft class

Vikings' Draft Progress: The Vikings' 2023 draft class is outperforming the previous year, bringing hope for a stronger team.

Kwesi Adofo-Mensah's Challenge: Second-year General Manager Kwesi Adofo-Mensah faced pressure to improve after a disappointing 2022 draft.

Opportunity for Young Players: Offseason changes opened spots for younger players on rookie contracts, reshaping the team dynamics.

Early Grades Assessment: A quick look at the early contributions of drafted rookies includes grades and evaluations.

Day-1 and 2 Impact: The first two days of the 2023 draft show improvement, with notable performances from key picks like Jordan Addison.

Jordan Addison's Success: Addison, replacing Adam Thielen, earns an A- grade for exceeding expectations with over 1,000 yards and double-digit touchdowns.

Mekhi Blackmon's Grade: Third-rounder Mekhi Blackmon receives a B- grade, showing promise despite limited opportunities and securing his first interception.

Challenges for Jay Ward: Fourth-rounder Jay Ward faces challenges with penalties, needing improvement for a lasting impact.

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