All 7 MLB players reject qualifying offers

Seven MLB players turned down offers to stay on their teams, making them free agents."

The qualifying offer is a standard thing for top players, giving their old teams a chance for compensation if they sign with a new team."

The Braves, however, face a significant decision as they consider pursuing these top players in free agency."

"To sign one of these players, the Braves would need to give up $1 million in international bonus pool money and forfeit their 2nd and 5th highest draft picks."

"It's not just about spending money; the Braves would also be sacrificing potential future talent from their farm system."

This poses a challenge for the Braves, whose farm system needs replenishing for sustained success."

"The Braves are not currently loaded with top prospects, making each draft pick crucial for their future."

"Despite the pressure to rebuild the farm system, the Braves have a solid core of young players already locked in for several years."

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