Angel Reese uses Deion Sanders to send message as LSU drama spirals: ‘Can’t kill me’

Angel Reese’s Basketball Drama: LSU basketball star Angel Reese is at the center of drama surrounding her playing status, including being benched for a game and missing another.

Social Media Sermon: Reese shared a motivational sermon from Colorado Buffaloes coach Deion Sanders on her Instagram, emphasizing not caring about others' opinions.

Senior Year Struggles: Reese is facing challenges in her senior year, with rumors suggesting a possible suspension due to bad grades.

Coach's Decision: LSU's head coach, Kim Mulkey, mentioned that Reese's absence during games was a coach's decision, with no further details provided.

Attitude Adjustment Bench: Reports indicate that Reese was benched for an "attitude adjustment," contributing to the ongoing controversy.

Social Media Clash: Drama extends to social media, involving a conflict between Reese's mother and another player's mother, adding fuel to the controversy.

Academic Concerns: Rumors circulate about Reese's academic performance, with claims of a low GPA contributing to the overall speculation.

Reese's Response: Reese posted on social media, urging people not to believe everything they read, adding a layer of mystery to the situation.

Coach's Hopeful Message: Coach Mulkey expresses hope for Reese's return to the team, emphasizing her importance to the basketball program.

Upcoming Game: Despite the ongoing drama, LSU, the reigning national champion, is scheduled to play against Texas Southern, with uncertainties surrounding Reese's participation.

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