Arizona could be forced to cut athletic programs after financial miscalculation

The University of Arizona admitted to a major budget mistake of $240 million, leading to concerns about financial stability.

University President Robert Robbins acknowledged the error, stating that "draconian cuts" would be necessary across the university to address the situation.

The university initially projected having 156 days' worth of cash on hand for the fiscal year, but a corrected model revealed the actual number was around 97 days.

 In response to the financial crisis, a 2% budget cut was proposed during a meeting with the Arizona Board of Regents, affecting various university departments.

Robbins highlighted that the athletic department was a significant drain on financial resources, considering the university has 23 sports teams, more than the Big 12 conference's average of 17.

Due to financial constraints, Robbins mentioned that "everything is on the table," including the potential shutdown of certain sports programs.

A professor suggested selling the school's athletic department to a third party as a possible solution to the financial challenges.

Robbins expressed interest in the idea of leasing land, drawing inspiration from in-state rival Arizona State, which has adopted a similar approach.

Addressing the financial issue will require tough decisions, and Robbins emphasized the need for careful consideration in dealing with the challenges ahead.

The university's budget crisis prompts a reevaluation of financial practices and considerations of alternative strategies for long-term sustainability.

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