Astonishing putter of 15-year-old making debut

Bermuda's Oliver Betschart, a 15-year-old golfer, is set to make his debut on the PGA Tour at the Bermuda Championship.

Oliver uses a distinctive blue MYPUTTER, a mallet putter with a square shape and a curved face, making it stand out in both design and color.

The MYPUTTER's 100% sky blue color is unusual in the world of professional golf, adding a fresh and unique element to the golf course.

Betschart qualified for the PGA Tour's Bermuda Championship, showcasing his talent and earning a spot among professional golfers.

 Lev Grinberg, another young talent, was also seen using the MYPUTTER during the Soudal Open in 2022, highlighting the putter's growing popularity.

Golf follows a set of rules called the "Rules of Golf," jointly administered by the Royal & Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews. 

The Rules of Golf are periodically updated, with the latest revision effective from January 1, 2016, focusing on improving understanding and balancing penalties.

Golf rules are relatively complex due to the outdoor and nature-centric nature of the sport. Compliance with these rules is essential for fair and accurate results.

Golf places a strong emphasis on players' self-control and adherence to the rules. The integrity of the game relies on the conscious efforts of the players.

 In Italy, Federgolf oversees golf competitions, ensuring that clubs, associations, and players adhere to the Rules of Golf. This ensures fair play and protects the sport's integrity.

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