Avoid these 10 foods at all costs if you want to lose weight

White bread has little calories, but its minimal fiber content may make you hungry afterward.

White Bread

Potato chips, a popular salty, crunchy snack, may hinder weight loss. Potato chips caused more weight gain per serving than potatoes, red meat.

Potato Chips

Fruit snacks are easy and tasty, but they are high in sugar and low in nutrients. 

Fruit Snacks

The calorie value of cinnamon buns, croissants, muffins, danishes, and donuts may surprise you. 

Breakfast Pastries

Candy is another intense sugar source that may delay weight loss. Nut sweets are heavy in sugar, yet also contain healthful fats and protein.


Ice cream, another sugary treat, is heavy in fat. Almost 150 calories are in a half-cup of ice cream. 

Ice Cream

The cereal aisle has many options, making it hard to choose the ideal one for your aims. Some cereals include over 10 grams of added sugar per serving. 

Sugary Cereal

Drive-thru restaurants offer "more bang for your buck" with popular value meals like milkshakes, fries, and other fried foods. 

Fast Food

Cookies, whether filled with chocolate chips or nuts or topped with frosting or chocolate, are high in fat, sugar, and calories.


Hot dogs and other processed meats are heavy in sodium, fat, and calories. These factors, along with white bread and hot dog sauces, may delay weight loss.

Hot Dogs

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