Baltimore Ravens QB Lamar Jackson Wants Position Change

Lamar Jackson, the Baltimore Ravens' star quarterback, had a fantastic game as they defeated the Seattle Seahawks 37-3.

Jackson showcased his MVP potential by accumulating 247 yards and connecting with eight different receivers in the victory.

The Ravens' defense also shone, sacking the Seahawks' quarterback Geno Smith four times.

The Ravens' strong defense prompted Jackson to jokingly express his desire to play on the defensive side for a game.

He specifically mentioned wanting to blitz and go after other quarterbacks.

While it was a playful comment, the Ravens need Jackson to continue as their quarterback, as he's vital to their success.

The Ravens' defense was a force to be reckoned with in the game, allowing only 151 yards and six first downs.

Jackson's wish to play defense is lighthearted, as it's too risky for him to play a defensive role and risk injury.

The Ravens are on a four-game winning streak and are determined to secure the AFC North division title.

Their next challenge is a game against the Cleveland Browns, where Lamar Jackson will continue to lead the team as their quarterback.

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