Cardinals' Gannon told Dobbs he was starting and wouldn't be traded

 Quarterback Josh Dobbs went through a wild week, revealing the ups and downs on his podcast with Chiefs tackle Trey Smith.

After a game against Baltimore, Arizona Cardinals head coach Jonathan Gannon told Dobbs he'd be starting in Week 10 for the Cardinals in Cleveland.

Soon after, Gannon changed plans and informed Dobbs they'd start Clayton Tune in Cleveland, wanting to see what the rookie could do before Kyler Murray's return.

 Dobbs' agent sent him a text saying he could be traded. This was despite Gannon assuring him in a face-to-face meeting that he wouldn't be traded or released.

On Halloween morning, Dobbs received a call from his agent saying he was traded to the Minnesota Vikings.

Dobbs experienced a whirlwind of emotions, being told one thing and then waking up to a different reality.

Once in Minnesota, Dobbs had a hectic schedule, including medical evaluations, meetings, and diving into the playbook.

Despite the chaos, Dobbs played a crucial role off the bench in the Vikings' thrilling win over the Atlanta Falcons.

Dobbs may understandably have trust issues with Coach Jonathan Gannon given the conflicting messages he received.

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