CBS Sports 133 college football rankings: Georgia reclaims No. 1, Louisville and Oregon State join top 10

Georgia regains the top spot in college football rankings, overtaking Michigan in the CBS Sports 133 after an impressive Week 11 victory.

Michigan's five-week reign at No. 1 ends despite a dominating win at Penn State, as Georgia's strong performance against Ole Miss reshapes the rankings.

Within the top 15, Penn State and Ole Miss move down, prompting some shuffling, while teams like Arizona and James Madison enter the top 20 with notable wins.

The season's midpoint intensifies as top-30 teams face weekly ranking impacts; avoiding losses is crucial for maintaining or improving positions.

The Mover's Report highlights significant changes, including North Carolina's (+10) bounce-back after a double-overtime win against Duke.

Coastal Carolina (+10) thrives despite losing star quarterback Grayson McCall, with two backups contributing to a five-game winning streak.

Virginia Tech (+10) maintains contention with a 4-2 record in its last six games, including a dominant 48-22 win over Boston College.

Iowa (+9) steadily climbs towards another Big Ten west title with an 8-2 record, marred only by a called-back punt return away from 9-1.

Oklahoma State (-9) experiences a rankings dip after a 42-point loss at UCF, despite a five-game winning streak against top 30 teams.

Air Force (-9) faces a significant drop of 21 spots due to two consecutive losses as heavy favorites, including turnovers against Army.

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