Coco Gauff, currently ranked as the World No. 3 in tennis, recently concluded her season with a semifinal loss to her doubles partner, Jessica Pegula.

Gauff's 2023 season was a success, featuring four titles, including her first WTA 1000 win at the Cincinnati Open and her first Grand Slam victory at the US Open.

The 19-year-old tennis sensation is active on social media and recently blocked some followers, leading to questions from her fans.

In a Twitter exchange, Gauff explained that she blocks users who spread negativity and not her true supporters.

She revealed that she doesn't actively search for such pages but encounters them on her timeline, making it important for her to protect herself.

Gauff emphasized her motivation to stay active on social media is fueled by the support and positive comments from her fans.

She finds Twitter to be a challenging platform due to the prevalence of negativity.

Gauff assured her fans that she interacts with them on other social media platforms and even created a separate TikTok account to engage with her supporters.

A fan wished her well for the future, and Gauff expressed her appreciation for the support and clarified that she does not block her fans.

She wants her fans to know that she values their positive interactions and aims to dispel any misconception that she blocks her supporters.

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