Coco Gauff Loses The Coach Who Led Her To Win The U.s. Open: Why Are Their Paths Parting?

Coco Gauff's tennis skills improved significantly in just two months with the help of her coach, Pere Riba.

Their partnership led to Gauff winning the US Open.

However, their successful relationship has come to an end.

Riba is not present at the WTA Finals in Cancun, fueling rumors of a potential split.

Gauff confirmed the separation, explaining that it was not her decision.

She expressed her gratitude for their time together and wished Riba success in his future endeavors.

Gauff praised Riba for his contributions to both her personal and tennis growth.

Riba cited personal family reasons for ending the coaching relationship.

Despite the split, Riba believes Gauff will become the number one player next year.

Their collaboration yielded significant improvements in Gauff's game, particularly with her forehand, resulting in several tournament victories, including the US Open.

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