Coco Gauff Opens Up On Sponsorship Deals As Staggering Financial Figures Are Revealed

Coco Gauff's tennis season ended in a chaotic match at the WTA Finals due to bad weather and a subpar court.

She lost to her doubles partner, Jessica Pegula, in a dramatic semifinal.

Gauff, a rising star in tennis, is now taking a well-deserved break before the 2024 Australian Grand Slam.

She's attracting numerous sponsors, including New Balance, Barilla, UPS, and Baker Tilly, due to her growing global recognition.

Gauff admits that balancing tennis and sponsor commitments can be challenging.

In 2022, she earned $8 million in sponsorship deals, with expectations of even higher earnings in the future.

Gauff believes that the sponsorship landscape is changing for the better, with more emphasis on diversity and equality in women's sports.

She highlights that sponsor obligations can be time-consuming, often involving long days and events.

Gauff sees the growing interest in women's sports as a great opportunity for brands and athletes to benefit mutually.

She is grateful for her position as a black woman in sports and acknowledges the trailblazers who paved the way for her success.

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