Dark Secret Behind Grocery Store Rotisserie Chicken

Frequently, grocery stores make rotisserie chicken from fresh poultry that are about to expire but have not been sold.

This is done to reduce food waste and generate income from poultry that would otherwise be discarded.

Typically, grocery stores marinate and season the chickens before cooking them on a rotisserie spit until they are golden brown and succulent.

Additionally, some grocery stores may inject poultry with a solution containing water, sodium, and other additives.

This solution can make chicken meat more tender and plump, but it can also introduce undesirable compounds and sodium to the chicken.

Some grocery stores may use rotisserie chickens that have spent several hours under heat lamps.

Choose a chicken that is both fresh and pleasant-smelling. Avoid poultry that are desiccated, slimy, or have an offensive odor.

Choose a chicken that has been recently prepared and has not been lying under heat lamps for too long, if feasible.

If you are concerned about the quality of the chicken, you can inquire with the manager of the grocery store about how their rotisserie chicken is prepared.

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