Dream Cardinals starting rotation if Mozeliak gets creative

Cardinals' Pitching Priorities: Cardinals' GM John Mozeliak emphasizes the critical need for two starting pitchers this offseason.

Offseason Checklist: Mozeliak outlines a clear checklist, placing the acquisition of starting pitchers at the top and leaving room for further assessments.

Options Considered: In addition to free agency, the Cardinals are open to exploring the trade market for potential pitching additions.

Creative Approaches: The team is considering creative strategies, including acquiring an ace through a trade and complementing the rotation with mid-tier free agents.

Rotation Upgrade: Mozeliak underscores the importance of improving the rotation, aiming for at least two new starters while remaining open to bullpen improvements.

Outfield Talent: The Cardinals, in case of a trade, have a surplus of young outfield talent that could be utilized as valuable trade assets.

Potential Trade Scenario: Speculation arises about a potential trade involving pitcher Clayton Beeter, scouted by the Cardinals in the Yankees farm system.

Cal Quantrill Addition: The Cardinals explore the possibility of adding recently released Cal Quantrill as a potential No. 4 starter after his strong previous season.

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