Examining the Four 2024 Top Pick Candidates

Thursday night brought excitement for the Chicago Bears as they secured a win against the Carolina Panthers.

The victory improved the Bears' chances of landing the coveted number one overall pick in the upcoming draft.

Four teams are now contenders for the top spot: Panthers, Arizona Cardinals, New England Patriots, and New York Giants.

The Giants and Patriots stand at 2-7, while the Panthers and Cardinals are at 1-8, with eight games remaining for each.

The "number one pick survivor" approach eliminates teams once they reach their fourth win in the season.

The New England Patriots, despite a 2-7 record, face challenges due to a better strength of schedule and potential ties with other teams.

The New York Giants, also at 2-7, deal with uncertainties, including injuries to their quarterbacks and a challenging remaining schedule.

The Arizona Cardinals, at 1-8, become a wildcard with quarterback Kyler Murray's return, aiming for a 3-14 finish.

The Carolina Panthers, also at 1-8, hold an advantage with the softest strength of schedule, making them strong contenders for the top pick.

The Bears are getting closer to securing a top draft position, with the Panthers being their main competition in this exciting race.

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