F1 overestimates Las Vegas fan demand, the most expensive race of the year

The $500 million Las Vegas Grand Prix faces initial challenges, including high costs and disruptions during its debut.

Aimed at high rollers, the race features pricey hospitality packages and high hotel rates, rather than targeting new fans.

Contrary to predictions, tickets are still available, and secondary market prices have seen significant reductions.

Locals express discontent over disruptions from circuit construction and reports of high licensing fees for businesses with track views.

Despite initial challenges and costs, Liberty Media's $240 million investment shows a commitment to long-term profitability.

F1 and Liberty aspire for Las Vegas to become a permanent fixture, anticipating future profitability after overcoming initial hurdles.

Success is measured by the race's star-studded entertainment value, tapping into F1's growing popularity in the U.S

Tailored more for entertainment, the late-night race in cold temperatures stands out, not necessarily catering to new American fans.

Weeklong parties and special events, including "The Netflix Cup," add extra entertainment value, enhancing the overall experience.

Despite challenges, F1 maintains a robust global audience appreciating its nuances, with hopes for increased competition in the future.

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