For October, 4 Zodiacs Must Keep Peace

You're selfless, but sometimes people don't deserve your kindness. Don't tolerate disrespect; cut off access to those who don't treat you with respect. 


Protect your peace by removing them from your life. 

Walking away from someone you saw potential with won't be easy, but you can't wait for a better future with them. 

Be cautious of your boundaries this month to prevent others from crossing them without consequences. 


Stand up against unfair treatment and express your discomfort. Speak up and stand up for yourself, even if it's uncomfortable.

Don't let your emotions make you vulnerable to manipulation. Don't let love blind you into accepting less than you deserve. 


Cut out people who don't meet your standards and reciprocate your efforts.

Protect your peace. Saying goodbye may hurt now, but it leads to happiness later. 

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