Gut-healthy Snacks For Weight Loss

Choose plain, unsweetened yogurt that contains live probiotic cultures. Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that can support gut health.

1. Yogurt with Probiotics:

Top it with a sprinkle of granola or fresh berries for added flavor and fiber.

Yogurt with Probiotics:

Kefir is a fermented dairy product similar to yogurt but with a thinner consistency. 

2. Kefir:

It's rich in probiotics and can be enjoyed plain or blended into a smoothie with fruits and greens.


Kimchi is a spicy fermented cabbage dish from Korea.

3. Kimchi:

It's loaded with probiotics and can be a flavorful and low-calorie snack. Eat it on its own or as a side dish.


Sauerkraut is another fermented cabbage dish that's rich in probiotics. 

4. Sauerkraut:

Add it as a topping to salads or sandwiches for a tangy and gut-healthy twist.


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