Healthy Lunch Ideas for Weight Loss

1. Lentil soup

Soups, which can be prepared in advance and reheated quickly, are a great plant-based lunch alternative.

Lentil soup

A bowl of this lentil soup is like having a supper all to yourself. It's packed with healthy, weight-loss-friendly nutrients.

 2. Veggie wraps

If you need something that can cook ahead for when you want to eat at your desk or in between meetings, a nutritious wrap is a fantastic solution.

3. Cauliflower rice bowls

Meal routine includes burrito bowls or other foods that traditionally include rice.

Cauliflower rice bowls

Cauliflower not only reduces the meal's carbohydrate count but also adds a wealth of vitamin C. 

4. Low carb eggplant pizza

Weight loss is typically facilitated by increasing one's consumption of non-starchy veggies like eggplant.