Here's how to prevent one of the most typical downhill lie mistakes

Downhill Slopes Challenge Golfers: Playing on downhill slopes can be challenging for golfers seeking solid ball contact.

Common Mistake to Avoid: Many golfers make a common mistake when facing downhill lies—fighting against the slope instead of working with it.

Correcting Shoulder Alignment: Instead of tilting shoulders and weight against the slope, angle your body in the same direction. For right-handed golfers, ensure the left shoulder is lower than the right.

Addressing Ball Contact Issues: Fighting the slope often results in hitting the top of the ball, leading to poor shots on downhill lies.

Setup Adjustment: Set up so that your shoulder angle matches the slope, allowing your body to work with the lie.

Weight Shift: Shift your weight to the left side, aligning with the slope, to enhance your stance on downhill lies.

Practice Swings: Take a few practice swings, focusing on maintaining the correct shoulder angle established at the address.

Consistent Shoulder Alignment: Throughout the swing, ensure your shoulders continue to work with the slope for better ball contact.

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