How Many Cups Of Green Tea A Day To Lose Weight Fast

These days, we read a lot about how green tea can help you lose weight. 

But does it really work? To stay in shape, experts say to drink two cups of green tea every day instead of drinks that are high in calories.

Green tea is great for you in many ways, so you can add it to your healthy diet to help you lose weight and stay in shape.

Why green tea can help you lose weight

Studies have shown that flavonoids in green tea can help your body burn fat faster and make your metabolism go up.

Green tea, flavonoids, and losing weight

If you don't add milk or sugar to your green tea, it tastes great hot or cold and is just as good for you as a glass of water. 

No calories, but lots of water

Green tea is nice to drink hot, but you can also try it cold after a workout to cool down.

The small amount of caffeine in green tea has been shown to give you a quick energy boost that could help you push yourself during your workout.

Give your workout some zip.

If you drink green tea before you work out, you might get better results, burn more fat, and reach your exercise goals faster. 

Want to know when the best time is to drink green tea? To help you stay in shape and reach your weight loss goals.

When to lose weight with green tea

Green tea has about the same amount of caffeine as coffee, but if you can't handle caffeine, don't drink it right before bed.

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