If Quinn Ewers stays, where may Arch Manning play in 2024?

Rumors are buzzing about quarterback Quinn Ewers considering a return to the Texas Longhorns next season, complicating the expected entry of QB recruit Arch Manning.

There's a possibility that Arch Manning might stay at Texas, especially considering the challenges Texas faces in 2024 and the potential benefit of Ewers taking on tough opponents.

The idea of Manning staying gains support when considering the financial benefits he receives through NIL (Name, Image, Likeness) deals while on campus.

If Manning decides to transfer, returning to his home state of Louisiana and joining the LSU Tigers could be a convenient and fitting option.

Washington emerges as an appealing choice for Manning, given the success they've had with quarterbacks and the opportunity to step into an offense designed for him.

Texas A&M in College Station, closer to Manning's hometown, becomes a potential destination if the team secures an enticing new coach.

Alabama, one of Manning's final school choices, becomes intriguing, particularly if the current quarterback, Jalen Milroe.

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