Jack Smith’s Office Made A Potentially Revealing ‘Error’ In Recent Court Filing

Jack Smith's Slip-up: Special Counsel Jack Smith made a crucial mistake while discussing potential witnesses in response to the Trump legal team's appeal of a gag order.

Gag Order Controversy: The gag order, issued by Judge Tanya Chutkan, sparked widespread criticism and accusations of election interference.

Temporary Suspension: A D.C. appeals court temporarily suspended the gag order, with Smith's office supporting it by citing Trump's social media posts.

Categories of Social Media Posts: During a hearing, Smith outlined five categories of Trump's social media posts, including comments about Judge Chutkan, court employees, Smith's legal team, and a mention of "political witnesses."

Potential vs. Political Witnesses: Smith's statement included a significant error, referring to potential witnesses as "political witnesses," drawing attention from those suspicious of political targeting.

Trump's Allegations: Many of the posts criticized by Smith involve Trump's claims that he is being politically targeted, adding to the controversy.

Reporter's Reaction: Reporter Julie Kelly highlighted the slip-up, describing it as a "talk about slip of the tongue" in a post on X.

Trump secured a legal win as an appeals court overturned a gag order by Judge Arthur F. Engoron in the fraud case brought by New York Attorney General Letitia James.