Keke Palmer Accuses Ex Darius Jackson of Domestic Violence, Files for Restraining Order and Custody of Son

Actress Keke Palmer is requesting sole custody of her 8-month-old son, Leodis, whom she shares with Darius Jackson, alleging multiple instances of physical abuse by the child's father.

Palmer filed for a domestic violence restraining order in Los Angeles, outlining incidents of trespassing, threats, and physical attacks by Jackson, as detailed in court documents reviewed by PEOPLE.

Included in the filing are screenshots of security footage showing a man allegedly striking a woman over a sofa, supporting Palmer's claims of physical abuse by Jackson.

Palmer recounts various instances of violence, including a reported body slam onto stairs in February 2022, destruction of personal property, and threats of self-harm by Jackson if she attempted to leave.

The couple's issues briefly became public in July when Jackson criticized Palmer's outfit choice at a Usher performance. 

The court filing provides a detailed account of abusive incidents, emphasizing physical, emotional, and manipulative abuse endured by Palmer during her relationship with Jackson.

Palmer describes a recent incident where Jackson allegedly knocked her backward over a couch, stole her phone, and fled the house after a verbal disagreement.

Palmer details instances of Jackson threatening her, destroying personal belongings, preventing her from driving, and using profanities in front of their son, among other forms of abuse.

The filing highlights Darius Jackson's inconsistent behavior, alternating between being loving and then becoming distant and cold over perceived insults, a tactic described as emotional manipulation.

The story concludes with information on domestic violence support, urging those in need to contact the National Domestic Violence .

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