Keke Palmer accuses ex Darius Jackson of 'physically attacking me,' requests sole custody of their son

Actress Keke Palmer is requesting full custody of her 8-month-old son, Leodis, citing allegations of repeated abuse by ex-partner Darius Jackson during their relationship.

Palmer filed court documents in Los Angeles seeking legal and physical custody of her son, accompanied by a temporary restraining order and a domestic violence restraining order against Jackson.

Palmer expressed concerns about her son's safety, describing Jackson as "unhinged, volatile, and dangerous," detailing instances of physical and emotional abuse over the past two years.

Palmer provided security camera stills as evidence of the alleged abuse, including a recent incident where Jackson reportedly trespassed into her home, physically attacked her, and threatened her.

 Police intervened during the recent incident, prompting Palmer to seek a domestic violence restraining order against Jackson. The legal documents highlight the seriousness of the situation.

 Palmer emphasized Jackson's physical stature (6-foot-4, 210 pounds) and claimed that some of the abuse occurred in the presence of their son.

 Palmer requested a 100-yard no-contact restriction, no visitation rights for Jackson, and no child support. 

Palmer urged the court to mandate Jackson to complete a 52-week batterer intervention program to address his behavior.

 In a heartfelt declaration, Palmer stated that her son, Leo, is the most important thing to her, emphasizing the need for a safe environment free from violence for him.

Palmer explained that she finally ended her relationship with Jackson for her son's safety and wellbeing, emphasizing the importance of creating a violence-free environment for him to grow up in.

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