Kim Mulkey Is Making a Game of Angel Reese’s Absence

"I will always protect my players; they are like family to me," said LSU women’s basketball coach Kim Mulkey.

However, it seems like Mulkey hasn't done much to protect Angel Reese lately. Reese, a star player, has been absent from the team, and Mulkey hasn't shared any details about why.

Reese was benched in the last game and hasn't been with the team since.

Mulkey's responses to questions about Reese have been vague, saying things like, "Angel will be back sooner than later."

This lack of information has led to speculation about the reason for Reese's absence.

Mulkey has been avoiding providing specific details, even comparing it to disciplining one's own children.

While it's true that Mulkey doesn't owe anyone specific information, being so vague has allowed rumors to spread.

Reese herself posted on social media, asking people not to believe everything they read. Mulkey's responses have not clarified the situation, and her reluctance to share more information has only fueled speculation.

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