Lions Adding Veteran Pass-rusher For Stretch Run

Lions Boosting Pass Rush: The Detroit Lions, already a strong NFC team, aim to enhance their pass rush for the rest of the season and playoffs.

New Addition: They're signing veteran pass-rusher Bruce Irvin to the team, initially placing him on the practice squad.

Irvin's Experience: With 11 years in the NFL, Irvin has played for multiple teams, including the Seahawks, Raiders, Bears, Falcons, and Panthers, amassing 55.5 sacks.

Recent Performance: In the 2022 season, Irvin played 10 games with the Seahawks, securing 3.5 sacks. However, he played only eight games combined in the 2021 and 2022 seasons.

Age Factor: At 36, Irvin is no longer in his prime, but the Lions see potential value if they use him strategically.

Focused Usage: The plan is to deploy Irvin in specific situations, allowing him to concentrate on pressuring the quarterback.

Aidan Hutchinson's Presence: Despite having a rising star in edge rusher Aidan Hutchinson, the Lions believe additional depth is beneficial for quarterback pressure situations.

Irvin's Past Prowess: Known as one of the league's best in his prime, the Lions hope Irvin can bring his past skills to contribute to their defensive efforts.

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