Lose Belly Fat with these Power-Packed Drinks

To make a soothing and digestion-aiding drink, you can steep fennel seeds in hot water.

1. Fennel Seed Infusion

Have you ever tried Oolong Tea with a hint of lemon? It's a delicious and refreshing drink that's also low in calories.

2. Oolong Tea with Lemon

Simply blend together some fresh tomatoes and basil leaves to create a tangy and aromatic drink.

3. Tomato and Basil Juice

Some people believe that it may even assist with weight loss.

To make a delicious and soothing Blueberry and Lavender Iced Tea, start by brewing some lavender tea. 

3. Blueberry and Lavender Iced Tea

Once it's ready, simply mix in some blueberries to create a refreshing and calming beverage.

You can make a refreshing and potentially metabolism-boosting drink by infusing water with rosemary sprigs.

4. Rosemary Infused Water

To make a delicious Almond Milk Matcha Latte, simply whisk together matcha powder and almond milk. 

5. Almond Milk Matcha Latte

This will give you a creamy and antioxidant-rich latte that is both tasty and nutritious. 

Black coffee is a great choice if you prefer it without sugar or cream. It's a calorie-free beverage that can give you a boost of energy.

6. Black Coffee

You can make a refreshing and hydrating detox drink by infusing water with sliced cucumbers and lemon.

7. Cucumber and Lemon Detox Water

Belly-Busting Elixirs: Best Weight Loss Drinks