Mercedes breakthrough in W14 amid Las Vegas accusations – F1 news roundup

Las Vegas gears up for Formula 1, with unique features like playing card-style kerbs adding to the race-ready atmosphere.

Mercedes identifies setup issues from the Brazilian GP, working to secure P2 in the Constructors’ Championship.

Pirelli anticipates tire challenges in cold Las Vegas nights, highlighting concerns about tire warm-up due to long straights and low temperatures.

Max Verstappen dismisses worries about his dominance, drawing parallels with the NBA's Chicago Bulls era and emphasizing real fans appreciate sporting excellence.

Toto Wolff explains Mike Elliott's departure from Mercedes, praising Elliott's intelligence and contributions while respecting his decision to take a break from F1.

Reflecting on F1's return to Las Vegas after 40 years, memories of the Caesars Palace Grands Prix are revisited, showcasing the evolution and grandeur of the current event.

Mercedes evaluates performance after Brazil, aiming to bounce back and secure a strong finish in the remaining races of the season.

Pirelli's Mario Isola anticipates discussions about tire challenges in Las Vegas, emphasizing the impact of cold temperatures on tire warm-up.

Max Verstappen remains unfazed by concerns about his dominance, asserting that true fans appreciate exceptional performances in sports.

Toto Wolff provides insights into Mike Elliott's departure, emphasizing Elliott's significant role in Mercedes' success and expressing respect for his decision to step back from F1.

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