Michigan and Jim Harbaugh are irreparably damaged by Big Ten's fast judgment.

Michigan won a crucial game 24-15 without head coach Jim Harbaugh, who was suspended by the Big Ten just before the game.

Harbaugh's suspension was announced on Veteran’s Day, and Michigan tried legal means to stop it, but the decision didn't come before the game.

Quarterback J.J. McCarthy expressed how different things were without Harbaugh, saying, "I miss him, and it’s just different without his presence on this field."

There's a hearing next Friday to decide if Harbaugh can be on the sideline for the next games, and Michigan disagrees with the Big Ten's claim that it's not a punishment for Harbaugh but for the University.

Michigan argues that Harbaugh is not an "institution" as defined by the Big Ten, and there's no evidence that Harbaugh did anything wrong.

The Big Ten took action without due process and evidence, which Michigan believes harms the players who worked hard for the season.

Michigan is concerned about the impact on the university's reputation and recruitment of new players due to the lack of fairness in the process.

The team believes they are being unfairly judged based on accusations against one analyst, affecting players who have put in a lot of hard work.

Despite external negativity, the players trust each other and focus on performing their best on the field.

Michigan aims to continue showcasing their true identity through on-field performance despite distractions and challenges.

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