Michigan will sue Big Ten for suspending Jim Harbaugh, questioning Tony Petitti's neutrality

The University expresses its concern over Commissioner Tony Petitti's quick decision, stating it violates the Big Ten Conference's own procedures and basic principles of fairness.

Michigan insists on a fair, deliberate, and thoughtful process to ascertain all facts before reaching a judgment, emphasizing the need for adherence to due process.

The statement accuses Commissioner Petitti of disregarding the Conference's handbook, suggesting that the decision doesn't align with established guidelines.

Michigan highlights its full cooperation with an ongoing NCAA investigation and questions the rush to judgment before the investigation is complete.

The University implies that the Commissioner's decision may be influenced more by pressure from other Conference members than a genuine commitment to fair and impartial rule application.

Michigan criticizes Commissioner Petitti for personally intervening and, in doing so, altering the level playing field that he is supposed to be preserving.

The statement raises concerns about the timing of the decision, noting that it occurred on Veteran's Day, a court holiday, possibly to hinder the University from seeking immediate legal relief.

Michigan questions the Commissioner's profile in impartiality, especially given the timing and circumstances surrounding the decision.

The University, along with Coach Harbaugh, plans to seek a court order to prevent the disciplinary action from taking effect, indicating a commitment to ensuring a fair process.

Michigan expresses worries about the precedent set by assessing penalties before the completion of an investigation, emphasizing the need for a more measured and fair approach.

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