Mike Trout and Anthony Rendon Should Lead, Says Angels New Manager Ron Washington

New Leadership Approach: Ron Washington, the new leader for the Angels, is eager to hit the ground running and bring a fresh perspective to the team.

Focus on Star Players: Despite uncertainties around Shohei Ohtani, Washington is keen to connect with star players Mike Trout and Anthony Rendon during the offseason.

Leadership Expectations: Washington wants Trout and Rendon to step up as leaders, recognizing their influence on younger players within the team.

Health as a Key Factor: Acknowledging the significance of Trout and Rendon staying healthy, Washington believes their well-being is crucial for the team's success.

Motivational Impact: Having Washington on board is expected to inspire and motivate the players, potentially playing a vital role in the team's performance.

Challenges Ahead: Despite low expectations for the Angels in the upcoming season, Washington expresses readiness to surprise people and bring positive changes.

West Division Focus: Washington sets a bold goal for the team, emphasizing their focus on winning the West Division in the upcoming season.

Leadership Transition: Washington takes over from Phil Nevin, and the Angels hope that the change in leadership will bring a positive shift to the team's performance.

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