MLB considering big change to pitch clock

MLB Considers Pitch Clock Changes: Major League Baseball's competition committee is thinking about shortening the time pitchers have to throw the ball, especially with runners on base.

Proposed Reduction: The current 20-second pitch clock with runners on base might be reduced to 18 seconds in the upcoming year, according to a report by ESPN's Jeff Passan.

No Change for Bases Empty: The 15-second pitch clock when no one is on the bases is not being considered for a change.

Mound Visit Reduction: The committee is also discussing cutting down the number of times teams can visit the pitcher's mound during a game from five to four.

Game Time Success in 2023: The introduction of the pitch clock in 2023 successfully shortened game times, with an average of 2 hours and 40 minutes, a 24-minute decrease from the previous season.

Seasonal Variation: However, game times slightly increased from 2:37 in April to 2:44 in September, prompting the league to explore further adjustments.

Player Concerns: Some players worry that these changes might increase the risk of injuries, but adjustments for the postseason were reportedly not considered.

Committee Composition: The competition committee has more team representatives than player representatives, giving the league the power to implement changes even if players object.

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