MLB qualifying offer: How the one-year, $20.325 million deal works, plus candidates likely to receive QO

The 2023 World Series is over, and now it's time for teams to make decisions about their players.

More than 100 players have become free agents, which means they can sign with any team they want. Teams can also offer something called a "qualifying offer" to their free agents, which is like a one-year contract. 

If a player accepts it, they stay with their team. If they reject it and sign with another team, their original team gets a special draft pick.

The qualifying offer is worth a lot of money, over $20 million this year, and it's more than it was last year.

Teams have about five days after the World Series to make this offer to their free agents, and the players have until November 14th to decide if they want it or not.

Some teams have special rules depending on how much money they make. If a team gets money from the league or spends a lot of money on their players, they have different rules for this draft pick stuff. 

The Angels are a bit tricky because they changed their plans during the season, and we're not sure which rules they'll follow.

If a team signs a free agent who got a qualifying offer, they might have to give up some draft picks or international money.

The rules are a bit different for each group of teams, so it can get a bit confusing.

Last year, 14 players got this qualifying offer, and some said yes, some said no, and some signed with other teams. 

It's a bit like a game of chess for the teams, trying to make the best moves to build their rosters for next year.

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