MLB Rookie of the Year: 2024 winner predictions, including two wild cards

Tonight, MLB announces the 2023 Rookie of the Year Awards. Experts predict Corbin Carroll (Diamondbacks) for the National League and Gunnar Henderson (Orioles) for the American League.

Carroll and Henderson, top prospects, topped rookie rankings in Wins Above Replacement, per Baseball Reference.

Look ahead to potential 2024 Rookie of the Year contenders. In the AL: Jackson Holliday (Orioles), Evan Carter (Rangers), and Wyatt Langford (Rangers).

Holliday, a top prospect, faces playing time challenges due to Orioles' infield competition.

Carter, an outfielder, showcased consistency, likely securing a full season in the majors.

Langford, the No. 4 draft pick, impressed across levels, potentially rising quickly in the majors.

In the NL: Paul Skenes (Pirates), Pete Crow-Armstrong (Cubs), and Noelvi Marte (Reds) top the list.

Skenes, the No. 1 draft pick, brings a powerful arsenal, expected in the majors in 2024.

Crow-Armstrong's ROY chances hinge on his batting performance, balancing impressive defensive skills.

Marte, hitting well but needing improved launch angles, aims for a stronger candidacy.

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