Myles Garrett's Halloween costume is a 'Jeepers Creepers' tribute

Browns defensive end Myles Garrett wholeheartedly embraces the Halloween season like no other.

In the previous year, Garrett made a grand entrance to a Browns game by dressing up as Vecna from "Stranger Things.

He is well-known for turning his front yard into a graveyard as a tribute to fallen quarterbacks, demonstrating his excellence as a sack master.

This Halloween, Garrett drew inspiration from the "Jeepers Creepers" movie series. He shared with Fox that the first film, released in 2001, was a cherished favorite from his youth. 

To pay homage to the franchise, Garrett transformed his Medina County home into a chilling scene reminiscent of the films, with NFL quarterbacks taking on the roles of his victims. 

He even portrayed the series' antagonist, the malevolent Creeper. "I aimed to completely immerse myself in that character and embody it," Garrett expressed on "Fox NFL Sunday."

Notable NFL quarterbacks, including Tom Brady, Joe Burrow, and Justin Fields, were among the victims featured in Garrett's eerie display this year.

"Our good friend, Joe Burrow, is the most accessible target at the moment," Garrett remarked during the Fox segment.

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