NASCAR chairman Jim France mourns announcer Ken Squier's death

NASCAR Icon's Passing: Legendary NASCAR broadcaster Ken Squier passed away at 88, leading to mourning within the NASCAR community.

Tribute from NASCAR Chairman: NASCAR Chairman Jim France paid tribute, highlighting Squier's significant contributions to NASCAR's growth despite never being a driver.

CBS Commentator: Squier served as the lap-by-lap commentator for CBS from 1979 to 1997, offering his unmistakable voice to many iconic NASCAR moments.

TBS Commentary: In addition to CBS, Squier provided lap-by-lap commentary for TBS from 1983 to 1999, further extending his influence in the sport.

2018 NASCAR Hall of Fame: Recognizing his immense impact, Squier was inducted into the NASCAR Hall of Fame in 2018, a testament to his lasting legacy.

Great American Race": Squier coined the term "great American race" for the Daytona 500, a phrase forever tied to the significance of the event in NASCAR.

Outpouring of Support: Following his passing, there was an outpouring of support from the NASCAR community, with fans, drivers, and officials expressing their condolences.

Social Media Announcement: Dave Moody, a friend of Squier, announced his passing on social media, sharing the news with a mix of grief and relief.

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