NCAA women’s basketball putting emphasis on sportsmanship in 2023-24 season

Women's college basketball aims to boost sportsmanship for the 2023-24 season.

Technical fouls increased by 33%, reaching 830 from 606 in just one year.

Head coaches experienced a 77% increase in technical fouls.

Fouls from bench personnel, like assistant coaches, surged by 193%.

Physical confrontations in games led to a fourfold increase in bench personnel ejections.

The Women's Basketball Oversight Committee is taking steps to promote better behavior on the court.

An email from the committee emphasized the importance of following the rules and being respectful.

Coaches were required to attend a one-hour sportsmanship seminar during the offseason.

Questions arose about the consistent enforcement of these rules, particularly in the postseason.

An incident in the championship game sparked a debate about rule enforcement in different stages of play.

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