NFL standings: Week 10 2023 AFC, NFC playoffs updated

With November in full swing and Week 10 underway, there are only two months left in the 2023 NFL regular season.

Let's examine the playoff landscape to see which teams would be vying for a spot in Super Bowl 58 in Las Vegas if the season ended today.

Kansas City Chiefs (7-2): Leading the AFC West with a defense-driven approach. Baltimore Ravens (7-3): AFC North leaders facing challenges after a loss to the Browns.

Philadelphia Eagles (8-1): Leading the NFC East, navigating challenges with an eye on division victory.

Outlook and Challenges: Despite facing setbacks, teams like the Commanders, Falcons, and Buccaneers may still influence the playoff race, challenging the inconsistent Saints in the NFC South.

The Giants and Panthers drop off the playoff list due to challenging records.

As the season progresses, the NFL playoff race promises excitement and surprises, with teams battling for a chance to compete in Super Bowl 58.

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