Nhl's Goal Leader Is Wayne Gretzky: Alex Ovechkin And Others Who Follow Him On Top 20 List

Gretzky's Record: Wayne Gretzky holds the NHL's all-time goal-scoring record with 894 goals, but Alex Ovechkin of the Washington Capitals is closing in.

Current Standings: Ovechkin, who hit the 40-goal mark for the 13th time last season, is in second place with 826 goals, just behind Gretzky.

Averaging Goals: To match Gretzky's record, Ovechkin needs to average 24 goals per season. His recent performance includes a slow start but a notable comeback with two goals in one game against the New York Islanders.

Challenges Faced: Ovechkin encountered challenges this season, including going scoreless in the first four games and having no shots on goal in consecutive games, a first in his career.

Game Impact: Despite Ovechkin's slower start, his two-goal performance in a recent game showcased his ability to impact the outcome and contribute to the team's success.

Top All-Time Scorers: The list of top 20 NHL all-time goal scorers includes legendary names, with Ovechkin and active player Jaromir Jagr being the only two not in the Hockey Hall of Fame.

Gretzky's Era: Gretzky played from 1979 to 1999 and remains an iconic figure in NHL history, setting records that Ovechkin aims to surpass.

Ovechkin's Legacy: Ovechkin's impressive career includes consistently hitting the 40-goal mark and being on track to become the NHL's all-time leading goal-scorer.

Historical Milestones: As Ovechkin continues his pursuit of Gretzky's record, the NHL witnesses a historic race, with the top goal scorers inducted into the Hall of Fame, highlighting the league's rich legacy.

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